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bigstock-Happy-Old-Man-Having-A-Casual--6224700To My Patients: Make the best of your visit.
You are important to me. I want to help you the best I can. However, I need information to do that. Some things you can do to prepare for your visit.
1. Be prepared to tell me why you are here and what you want from your visit. If you think you might forget some things, make a list. Please don’t wait until the end of the visit to tell me what you really need. If you don’t want to tell my nurse what your problem is let me know early in the visit.
2. If you were recently in the hospital, emergency room or rehab center, bring in you discharge paper work. If you recently had tests or x-rays that were ordered by another facility let me know. Bring copies of your results.
3. Show up to your appointment a few minutes early to update your information with the receptionist.
4. Bring in your medications in the original bottles. This includes any herbal supplements, vitamins or over the counter medicine. At least bring in an updated list of your medications. I don’t know what the square yellow pill is.
5. If you need refills. Bring a list of what you need refilled. If you use a mail order program, let me know the name of it.
6. Know what you’re allergic to, when you had a reaction and what happened when you took the medicine.
7. If you are diabetic. I want to see your glucose logs. If you are taking insulin I want to know how much you use and when.
8. If we asked you to get lab work, have it done about 1 week before your visit. It helps to have this at your visit.
9. If you see other providers of health care including, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists or others let us know their names and office address.
10. If you can’t keep your appointment. Please let us know at least 24 hours before.
Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Your Primary Care Provider

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